Wood Equipment Company Employee Spotlight: Kevin Guy

Wood Equipment Company is proud of our in-house fabrication shop and its consistent high-quality workmanship. One of the main reasons for our success is the leadership of Kevin Guy, our Fab Shop Supervisor. Kevin is quickly approaching 20 years of service, having been with Wood Equipment since 2003.

Kevin says that his favorite part of working for Wood Equipment is that coming to work is more like coming home to friends and family than a job. He takes pride in the work that he and his team complete, and there is no corner-cutting:  Each job must be done correctly start to finish. He states that he “treats each pump like it’s going to my own home when it’s complete”. This quality-focused attitude is reflected by the fact that there are very few repeat repairs for work performed in our shop.  

In his free time, Kevin likes to ride his motorcycle and work on his marksmanship. He is a strong firearm safety advocate, and an excellent instructor. Kevin’s son is a U.S. Army Veteran and teaches high school history.

Please reach out if you need pump repairs or custom fab work – Kevin and his team will take good care of you!