Wood Equipment Company Employee Spotlight: Tom Callahan

Tom Callahan has been working in the pumping and water treatment industry for over 52 years, and he has been with Wood Equipment Company since 1992, reaching 30 years of service this year!! He currently serves as Municipal Department Manager, where he oversees municipal operations throughout Virginia and Maryland. Tom’s unparalleled expertise and creativity help Wood Equipment Company to design custom solutions to almost any pumping and controls challenge.  

Born in Trinidad, West Indies, Tom’s family moved to the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he was a young boy. He started his career at a hardware and plumbing store during high school in 1970, went on to attend Penn State University, and continued pursuing his passion for the pumping industry afterward. Tom has worked for 8 different companies in the industry. And while he will modestly tell you that he spent his career in the pumping industry because he “needed a job”, the truth is that he is extremely passionate about what he does, and he energizes those around him. He loves the intricacies of “how things work” inside pumps, controls, and other equipment. He loves teaching others, and he has a memory like an elephant.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys tinkering with old cars, trucks, and machinery, and he is even restoring a 1953 MGTD. Tom especially enjoys time with his wife, 3 children, and 4 grandchildren, who will keep him very busy in the future.