Our Equipment Supports the Peanut Butter Industry

Since today is National Peanut butter day, Wood Equipment Company wants to highlight that we offer many options for pumping and mixing this delicious but extremely viscous and abrasive substance! Peanut butter is present in many confectionary industry products alongside chocolate, molasses, caramel, and other difficult-to-pump liquids. Generally speaking, a reduced-RPM positive displacement pump is used to move and/or mix peanut butter ingredients as part of a process. This can be accomplished with an internal gear pump, such as the @VikingPump 1227A-CHC Series, a Progressing Cavity Pump, such as the @Netzsch NEMO Series, twin screws such as the QTS offered by @Q-Pumps and Netzsch Notos, rotary lobes, and other pumping technologies. In addition, both Netzsch and Q-Pumps offer drum unloaders that assist with moving raw ingredients into the Peanut Butter creation process. We distribute these lines and many others, and are experts in determining the best fit for your specific peanut butter application. Please call, click, or email us for more information!