Municipal Solutions: Netzsch T2 Tornado® Pump

A municipal customer was using double piston pumps to move sludge to a dewatering press. The pumps were obsolete, large, messy, difficult to maintain, and were causing safety concerns among plant staff.  See below for before and after pictures, as well as a link to a video of the piston pump in operation.

Wood Equipment Company proposed that the customer replace the existing double piston pumps with Netzsch T2 Tornado® second-generation Rotary Lobe pumps on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).  The customer agreed, and the first of the T2 pumps was installed.  The pump has a much smaller footprint, is cleaner, and provides the same flow and pressure as the much larger piston pumps.  This T2 model is also FSIP (Full Service In Place), which means much easier and safer maintenance can be performed without moving the pump from its installed position.