Pump Applications: Saving Space with a Right Angle Gear

An industrial customer asked Wood Equipment Co. to quote and supply a new Viking Pump Unit to replace an existing older obsolete unit. The customer requested that the unit be compact with a right-angle gear, as their footprint was limited (see “before” picture). Also, the unit was pumping abrasive Mirror and Spandrel Paints, so the materials of construction were very important to prevent wear. The existing pump was an obsolete @VikingPump K4625, so Wood Equipment opted to supply the new unit with a Viking Universal Seal K4624B Abrasive Liquid Seal series pump, Nord Helical Bevel Right Angle Gear Reducer, and Baldor explosion-proof Motor. All mounted on a rolled steel base with coupling and guard (see “after” picture). Designing and implementing successful specialty applications is one of Wood Equipment’s greatest strengths. Call (804-798-8844), Click (www.woodequip.com), or Email (sales@woodequip.com) us today to see how we can address your toughest challenges!