Wood Equipment Company Offers Fire Pump Systems and Startup Services

Did you know Wood Equipment Company offers fire pump systems and startup services? We do, and we are experts at selecting the proper pumps and associated equipment for your application. We provide fire pumps, jockey pumps, custom control panels, and related accessories to fit your various fire pump needs.

For example, we recently designed a system for a large new warehouse that requires 1500 gpm @ 100 psi for protection. The local municipality requires that suction pressure cannot drop below 10psi at any time during operation. We selected an Aurora horizontal split case fire pump and vertical inline jockey pump, Eaton control panels for each pump, and a low suction pressure tranducer to ensure that suction pressure does not drop too low. We provided two technicians to conduct startup and testing of the system, and we also completed the necessary paperwork to satisfy NFPA 20 requirements. See attached system pictures and hydraulic test video, and feel free to let us know if you have fire pump needs!