Wood Equipment Attends 2023 Craft Brewer’s Conference in Nashville, TN

Last week, Wood Equipment company attended the 2023 Craft Brewer’s Conference in Nashville, TN. This conference gave us the opportunity to highlight our Q-Pumps line of sanitary pumps that are ideal for many brewing applications. Q-Pumps offers Centrifugal, Piston, Lobe, & Twin Screw pumps, as well as Drum Unloaders, In-Line Mixers, and Dry Blenders. These Stainless Steel 3A, EHEDG, FDA-approved units can be used to drive CIP (Clean-In-Place) processes, transfer beer, blend ingredients, unload drums of grains, and pump away waste products from the brewing process. Also, many Q-Pumps products can be cart-mounted so they can be moved around the brewing facility for multiple uses. The centrifugal Model QCB (B as in Beer) is specifically designed for hot wort pumping, with a special internal mechanical seal that is protected from the substance being pumped. Please visit https://www.en.q-pumps.com/ to learn more about these product offerings, and reach out to sales@woodequip.com, visit www.woodequip.com, or call 804-798-8844 for a quote or more information.