Wood Equipment Presents: New Netzsch Rotary Lobe Pump TORNADO T1 Generation F

Wood Equipment supplier @NETZSCH Pumps and Systems is always adding new products and updating existing pumps to increase performance, maintenance capability, and efficiency. The TORNADO T1 line has recently been redesigned to Generation F, with a number of important upgrades:

1. Energy efficiency is improved by up to 25%

2. Higher differential pressures up to 145 PSI are now possible

3. Additional options for shaft sealing are available

4. The new model has fewer components, which translates to less critical spares inventory and less maintenance

5. There is a new bearing design that doubles the current bearing service life

6. Netzsch has kept the same Flange to Flange dimensions from previous T1 for easy replacement of existing pumps

7. There is lower deflection in the Generation F pump shaft, which means less wear on the lobes and liners

8. Wear plates can be rotated and used on both sides before exchange

9. The air gap between the pump section and gearbox will remain on the new model – this keeps any leakage from damaging the bearings and gears

Click here for an introductory video: https://youtu.be/g_aNGDmSL_w Additional information on this new T1 Gen F pump can be found online at: https://pumps-systems.netzsch.com/en/news/2022/facelift-tornado-r-t1-rotary-lobe-pump-how-you-benefit