Wood Equipment Company Case Study: Selecting the Right Equipment

In the pumping industry, selecting the correct pump and materials for construction is critical to a successful application. Since nearly every pumping application is different in some way, pump distributors and consumers must understand the nuances of the application from the beginning. “One size fits all” couldn’t be further from the truth!


An industrial customer recently returned an internal gear pump to Wood Equipment for evaluation. Once the pump was disassembled, it became clear that the pump had been exposed to higher differential pressures than it was designed to handle, and most likely some abrasive solids as well. The idler pin was oval-shaped, the idler bushing had been worn down to 1/3 of its original thickness, and the crescent was sharpened on one side like a serrated blade. The gears were also quite grooved (See the pictures included in this post).


The pump was replaced with a completely new unit. The idler pin and bushing materials were upgraded to withstand higher pressures and abrasion. And the customer was advised to implement a basket strainer upstream of the pump to protect the pump from small solids intrusion.

Wood Equipment specializes in asking the right questions to select the best equipment for the job. We want to make sure your equipment can withstand the rigors of the application, so please reach out to sales@woodequip.com, call our office at 804-798-8844, or visit our website at www.woodequip.com to request a quote.