Wood Equipment Company Case Study: Skid-Mounted Cornell Heavy Duty 4STX Self Primer

An industrial customer needed a solution for their wet well that would allow them to easily perform maintenance on their pumps. Due to space limitations with the way the wet well and surrounding building were constructed, they could not install a proper retrieval system for the existing submersible pumps: Whenever a pump failed, they had to divert their wastewater flow, hire a vacuum truck to empty the wet well, perform confined space entry, and work in dangerous conditions. Obviously, this was not an ideal situation, so the customer reached out to Wood Equipment Company to devise a solution.

After visiting the site, Wood Equipment personnel determined that an above-ground self-primer would be an excellent fit. We selected a skid-mounted Cornell Heavy Duty 4STX Self Primer with a self-cleaning wear plate, Cycloseal®, and belt-drive (see “After” pic). Wood Equipment personnel assisted with startup, and the Cornell 4STX is performing as expected. Most importantly, the customer maintenance team is grateful that they won’t have to enter the wet well going forward!!

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